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ICYMI: January 15

Google Glass is dead -- The BBC reported that the Google Glass project has been moved to an independent division under Nest's (and ex-Apple) Tony Fadell. The eyeglass device will stop being sold later this month (though development will continue) and this spells a ...
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What is credit muling?

“Credit muling” is a relatively new form of fraud that’s been quietly affecting a growing number of retailers. Credit muling is when merchants offer products or accounts to customers use their own, real, identity -- since customers are using their own, authentic, ...
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Can startup Jet dethrone Amazon?

This month's cover of Bloomberg Businessweek features Jet, an e-commerce startup that's raised $80 million in seed funding. CEO Marc Lore has some history in e-commerce, starting a company called Quidsi, which sold diapers and household items. The company was ...
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Surprise! Apple Pay has some fraud, too

As experts in payments know, there's a weakness in any transaction -- and it looks like there's one in Apple Pay as well. Cunning fraudsters have figured out that you can add a stolen credit or debit card to Apple Pay with minimal interference from the financial ...
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What is Trustev

Our fraud “fingerprinting” technology can reduce fraud to near-zero levels and increase sales significantly, by not blocking genuine customers.

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