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Here's where you can still order online

Attention all shoppers! Time is running out for getting standard delivery for your online orders -- but not as quickly as you think. While 38% are still ready to take your order without the procrastination penalty, some companies offer rush delivery until the 23rd, if ...
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EMVpocalypse: what’s next?

Since the October 1 liability shift, when merchants without EMV-compatible terminals had to assume responsibility for “card present” fraud, I have spoken to many people — merchants, banks, industry analysts — about the shift and what’s coming next.
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EMV-pocalypse (EMV-geddon?)

October 2015 will be an important month for retailers. It’s the deadline for merchants to upgrade their point-of-sale terminals to EMV-compliant machines, or else they’ll be held responsible for fraudulent transactions. 
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What is Trustev

Our fraud “fingerprinting” technology can reduce fraud to near-zero levels and increase sales significantly, by not blocking genuine customers.

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