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Selling Online

One of the greatest freedoms that the advent of the internet has brought to the is the ability for people to buy and sell online. Its opened up a world of infinite choice for the shopper and infinite opportunity for the seller. It's encouraged many small operators to ...
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Inspiration For A Good Idea

With my work placement coming to an end and my penultimate year of BIS in UCC on the horizon, I feel obliged to write this blog on idea generation mainly because of the final year project. Some ideas seem so simple we wonder why nobody thought of them before. Others ...
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Cork Pub Summit | September 4th 2013

It's nearly that time of year again where the world's technology industry descends on Dublin for Europe's largest technology event, the Dublin Web Summit. With the main event, taking place, this year on October 30/31st, the event is expected to attract nearly 10,000 ...
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Our fraud “fingerprinting” technology can reduce fraud to near-zero levels and increase sales significantly, by not blocking genuine customers.

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