Business Information Systems (BIS) for Beginners

Posted by Trustev editor on June 24, 2013

Trustev currently has two fantastic guys working with us as part of their college placement programmes. Michael Linehan and David Devane. While they refer to themselves as ‘interns’ they’ve been given full time, paying roles as a Junior Project Manager and Junior Developer, with all the responsibilities and training those roles demand.

To prove that we’re not just keeping them chained in the basement, every week they’ve been encouraged to write a blog post about any topic they want.

It seems to be all about getting a job these days. With the so called “recession” still lingering over us, students are carefully deciding which college course they should enrol in because after all it is a huge investment of time and money. Nobody wants to graduate from university just to be told that jobs aren’t available and extremely difficult to get employed even with a degree. I know this isn’t fair but it’s just the harsh reality.

With the leaving cert finishing this week, I hope the students this year have made the correct decision with regards to their college course and I wish them the best of luck with their CAO offers in August. So really this blog post is aimed at future Leaving Cert students and also people who want to go back to college to secure a full time job.

It seems like yesterday I was in the exact same position, filling out the mind boggling CAO form while being unsure what you really want to do. At first I must admit I was a bit sceptical about BIS because of the courses low entry requirements. But I knew I wanted to do something that involved business and computers. Commerce seemed too focused on the business side of things while computer science was a bit too techy. BIS is like a happy medium between the two courses so you might say it’s “the best of both worlds”.

Nearly every second day, you hear on the news that “X amount of jobs created” in some IT company in Ireland so it makes sense to get into the IT sector. Ireland is also the European headquarters for many multinational software companies such as Google and Apple so it makes IT graduates (especially BIS graduates!) the most sought-after people in the services sector. The BIS degree is recognised worldwide as a world class degree and offers excellent careers opportunities in Ireland and abroad. This is a really important factor for young people because it allows work location flexibility.

I am currently finishing my 3rd year of Business Information Systems. It was one of the best decisions in my life choosing BIS. Since my first day I have never looked back and time is moving almost too quickly. At the moment I am on placement working as developer in the popular start up Trustev which I am thoroughly enjoying. That’s the great thing about BIS, there is an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills they have learned in lectures to a real working environment. I must say the lecturers and placement co-ordinators do an excellent job in preparing students for this transition. This ranges from covering the relevant course work material to placement seminars. They are always available for help even during 6 month work experience which is very important. Placement gives students a chance to gain invaluable experience which would be impossible to achieve in a college environment.

The degree covers a wide range of business and IT subjects. Some of you reading this might be deterred from studying BIS because you think you need to be an “expert” with computers or else you will be lost. This isn’t true because everything is taught from scratch. There is also access to state of art computer facilities.

The BIS society is one of the most active societies in UCC. When you enrol in the course you are automatically a member of the BIS Society allowing you to take part in the many events scheduled throughout the year such as the famous BIS Cup and the BIS ball. The time, effort and funds that goes into organising these events is truly amazing.

I would strongly recommend anyone who is having difficulty choosing a college course to at least consider BIS because you genuinely won’t be disappointed with what the course has to offer. Who knows someday you might even be writing a blog recommending people to do BIS.

David Devane is a 3rd Year BIS Student at University College Cork who's currently carrying out his college placement as a software developer at Trustev. He sometimes wishes he had skipped college and followed his dream of competing in WWE.