Communication Is Key

Posted by Trustev editor on August 7, 2013

Scott Phelan is one of our Interns at Trustev. He works alongside John in sales, enjoys spreadsheets and doesn't drink coffee - this worries the rest of us.

Working as an Intern at Trustev, besides combating online fraud, your main focus should be learning as much as you can in the relatively short amount of time that you are working at a company, as well as obviously making a contribution to that company. I have spent most of my time here at Trustev working on the Sales side of things so this is where I’ve gained the most experience. I’ve learned a huge amount about Customer Relations already; how to communicate with customers, how to manage customer databases, scheduling meetings/calls etc. This is invaluable experience and something that will benefit me greatly in the future. I have learned a lot more outside of this. With such a great opportunity, you have to soak up every bit of information about how the company is run, the different departments and how these departments work together to achieve the company objectives.

Everyone at Trustev is in constant communication and I quickly understood how communication is key for everyone to do their job effectively. It is essential for the developers to keep the sales people up-to-date and vice-versa. This is the same with every department. It ensures that customers are satisfied and that everybody knows what needs to be done to finish a project or to get a customer over the line. This constant communication is what keeps things moving forward. It also ensures that everyone is happy with the outcome from a business, marketing and technical point of view.

Teamwork is an essential part of any business and every day I see, first-hand, how important it is. At this stage, I know what every member of Team Trustev does and how important every member is in keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring that the company continues to grow rapidly and most of all - combat online fraud efficiently.

At the team meeting every day, everyone outlines what they are working on and it’s incredible to see each project progress and every lead develop into a full-fledged client that is using Trustev to combat online fraud on their site/store. You get to see members of the team work on a certain project or work on a particular lead for a long time and you feel a sense of satisfaction when that project is finished or when that lead becomes a Trustev client. You’ve seen them go through a long, drawn-out process which sometimes will contain unforeseen delays because of contracts, locations, negotiations etc. This process usually involves a number of people and would not be possible without constant communication and teamwork.