Data is Fraud Prevention

Posted by Diarmuid Thoma on July 8, 2013

Since I joined Trustev all I have talked about is data data data and at this stage I’m pretty sure some of the guys think I have some data related fetish, but believe it or not there is method behind my madness.

This journey started a good few years ago now during my days of manual fraud review, like many companies still do now my co-workers and I just sat down and reviewed sales case after sales case to identify the fraud, which as you can guess was incredibly inefficient and for me quite frustrating. One day I thought to myself if I could get access to the company’s data warehouse that maybe I could clash seemingly unrelated data to find new and unique ways of identifying fraud before it got to manual review, and that’s exactly what happened. Now I was reviewing fraud patterns instead of orders and taking action on 10 or 20 fraud attempts instead of one at a time, from then on I knew that data was the key.

As I moved through my career I was lucky enough to work for some amazing companies, but as I did my focus on having quality data at my disposal grew to the point I would always make it my priority to have the data structure set up before progressing with any project within those companies. From that respect Trustev is no different, nearly all my attention has been focused for the last few months on developing Trustev’s data strategy, but what’s different with Trustev is not the focus but the result.

You have no idea how excited it makes me to have the chance to build out from scratch a cutting edge data warehouse and visualization platform (yes, I am aware that makes me a data nerd) to support what is and will be the world’s best fraud prevention platform.

Just like years ago when I was reviewing one fraud at a time, at Trustev we are no longer limited to just looking at individual companies fraud, we can now support our customers at an industry level allowing us prevent fraud before it even gets to our customers site.

I guess what I am trying to say is that in the big world of ecommerce you can’t have a world leading fraud prevention system without world leading data structure, but it makes me very proud to say that’s exactly what we have here at Trustev.

So watch this space because there is lots more to come….

Topics: fraud, Identity