Does Your Business Need A Blog

Posted by Trustev editor on July 10, 2013

Most companies don’t even think about it. Whether you’re an online business or a business on the high street, in reality you should have blog – no question about it.

Why? It’s simple really; so simple I could answer it with one word. I won’t however because this blog post would be very short and I have a word count to reach. So bare with me as I drag this thing out while in the process providing you with relevant information as to why any business would need a blog.

The main reason behind it is free advertising. It may cost a few quid to set up, but at the end of the day it will be worth it. A lot of businesses now are failing to grab the attention of the younger generation, they’re too busy tweeting and bookfacing and you can’t get them to look up from their phones to tell them you exist. So you have to go to them, somehow. It’s the only thing that will work. How do I know? Because I am one of them. I get 95% of my news online and at least 80% is from blogs. Not newspapers. Not radio. Not even newspapers online. I get it from my friends tweeting links to blogs by a local CEO, a journalist out on their own and from a kid playing video games in his room. Maybe it’s a “screw the man” thing, but I prefer to get my information from people who are not big fancy corporations. A lot of what they, the big corporation types, report I don’t care about, and a lot of what they report is biased. So if you want to get your business in front of people, one of the best ways is blogging.

I, on average, read eight to ten blogs a day. Yeah, a day. How many newspapers/radio stations/ TV news programs do I look/watch/listen to? One...weekly. Why one you ask? Because that paper is free. If that paper was not free I can tell you now I wouldn’t even glance at it.

If I want to eat out with a group of friends I immediately look to see if the restaurant has a website. Then a blog. I want to get a feel for the place before I give them my money. Maybe I'm weird like that, but if a restaurant looks good and has a decent blog you can be pretty sure I will be eating there that night. You know the best thing? If I blog about it I can send the link to the restaurant and then they can even blog about my blog. It’s blogception (I need to trademark that word if somebody already hasn’t). Social media is becoming a huge importance in attracting the younger generation to your business and a blog should be the centre of it all.

With a blog you can build a community and trust me if a company has a blog and they talk about the business, the daily goings on at the company or anything like that on their blog I am much more likely to give them business than a business who doesn’t attempt to do anything with their online presence. It says to me that they care about customers. They, more than likely, don’t care even a little bit about me, but at least they make the effort to lie.

Even if you’re not a traditional business like a restaurant, for example if you’re a tech company like Google or Trustev you can blog about different goings on in the office, give advice to people starting a business and at the end of the day you get the recognition back of “hey there’s awesome information on the Trustev blog, you should go there and read it”.

Believe me when I say having a blog for your business is always a good idea. Most of us all read blogs and most of us share these blogs, so why the hell would you not want to have a blog ready for all of us to share?

Dylan is currently interning at Trustev. He is also not good at talking about himself in the third person.