Here's where you can still order online

Posted by Rurik Bradbury on December 21, 2015


Attention all shoppers! Time is running out for getting standard delivery for your online orders -- but not as quickly as you think. While 38% are still ready to take your order without the procrastination penalty, some companies offer rush delivery until the 23rd, if you’re willing to pay extra. Two will still deliver on Christmas Eve.

Everyone is rooting for you to get it done, and nobody is resting until that happens. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, UPS and FedEx combined will have handled almost a billion deliveries. In case you don’t trust delivery, you can do in-store pickup at most retailers, and Kohls is staying open around the clock until 6pm on Christmas Eve. You can buy online and pick up in store until noon on the 24th.

Not only are retailers looking out for you, (thanks, brands!), it’s not too late to order personalized gifts, so you can still hide your procrastination. You can order custom photo albums, or engraved engagement rings (why not declare your commitment with an impulsively planned marriage proposal?), and while you’ll have to pay extra for most food gifts, you can still order steaks, flowers, or fancy peppermint bark with standard shipping. In fact, you can order flowers all the way up until Christmas Eve, with same-day delivery.

Whatever you do, don’t panic -- you’re not alone. Nearly one in 10 shoppers makes their last purchase on Christmas Eve.

PS: Not that you need reminding, but working retail around the holidays is stressful, so make sure you save a little holiday spirit for the people who make sure your stuff arrives intact and on time.

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