ICYMI: January 15

Posted by Ian Kar on January 15, 2015

Google Glass is dead -- The BBC reported that the Google Glass project has been moved to an independent division under Nest's (and ex-Apple) Tony Fadell. The eyeglass device will stop being sold later this month (though development will continue) and this spells a disappointing end for Google's most recognizable "moonshot" project. While there was a tremendous amount of press surrounding Google Glass when the device came out, it didn't resonate with consumers, who were unnerved about having a camera on their face. 

Fake phone charger logs your every keystroke -- Put this in the "Creepy" file -- a fake phone charger actually records everything you type and sends it to the owner's smartphone. It currently only affects Microsoft Wireless keyboards, but has the ability to take your username and password, store keystroke logs, and continues to work even when its unplugged. And almost anyone can buy one -- it's only $10. 

Boxed raises $25 million -- Boxed, a wholesale shopping app, announced a $25 million Series B today. Boxed is similar to Jet, a company we've written about before. Both companies are looking to bring the wholesale business model used by retailers like Sam's Club and Costco to the e-commerce world by charging subscriptions to customers and offering them discounted items. However, there's always an issue of fraud for these companies, especially when customers first sign up for accounts. 

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