Intern Life 2: Intern Harder

Posted by Trustev editor on May 20, 2013

I can’t believe it has been nearly a month and a half since I walked into the Trustev office. My first encounter with CEO Pat Phelan, where he memorably told me that I belonged more to the ‘accountant crowd upstairs’ because I was wearing a shirt and tie, quickly removed any preconceived ideas I had of what my work placement experience would be like! Instead of arriving into work every day in an immaculate suit, I was told to dress casually. Jeans and a hoodie would be the dress code from now on. From the first moment, I felt part of the Trustev family. Almost immediately, I was asked to attend a weekly team meeting which included the founder and co-founder of the company, which gave me the feeling of responsibility, something which perhaps I would have less of at a more established company. At Trustev, as my early experiences taught me, it is the standard of work that is most important, not the standard of a man’s fashion sense (luckily for me!). I consider myself very fortunate to have landed in a company where a positive atmosphere like this exists and I am proud to be part of the development of Trustev.

The Trustev office is located in the same building as CityWax. When John Peavoy joked that any new employee must get a waxing on their first day I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The images that went through my mind still send shivers down my spine! While the lads at Trustev work hard, they are more than able to have fun too. At a staff meal in Nandos restaurant, I was foolish enough to take up their recommendation of trying the Hot & Spicy sauce, which to say the least, nearly burned my tongue off! Never again! Of course, whenever I come across any problems, there is always someone on hand to help me out. Even when it took me two days to get all the necessary software installed on my laptop, they were patient with me. Taking pity on the new fella from Kerry I suppose! Chris is a great programmer and has taken minutes to solve problems that I had been staring blankly at for ages. When Chris is away on business, second in command Kestutis gives a helping hand. I am lucky that Michael, a fellow intern (although he likes to call himself the Project Manager) from CIT is in much the same boat as me. Although he deals with the business side of things, we have a lot of contact throughout the day. Every morning we have a company meeting, which helps to keep everyone focused. It is part of the excellent organisation of Trustev, where even with developers and businessmen in the same office; everyone is clear about their roles and duties.

The amount of travelling necessary to acquire investors and get the company name out into the public arena really struck me. Trustev was among the finalists at the recent Techcrunch disrupt event in New York. That was a quiet week in the office as most of the team were away. A Toblerone bar each perfectly complemented the daily dose of coffee. Pat also appeared on The Saturday Night Show. It was a great thrill for me to able to show the lads at home, the Trustev co-founder on TV. I was also lucky enough to be able to attend the Windows Azure Event in Dublin last month. The 5AM rise was worth it in the end as I listened to guest speakers at the conference as well as receiving my Trustev gear. All the advice and tips I can receive at events like this will, I’m sure, benefit me hugely in my future career.

Trustev is constantly growing. Even since I have joined, two more employees have come on board. Recently we have had visits from Barry O’Sullivan of Dragons Den and Kevin Abosch, a renowned photographer, who took photos of all the staff. He confirmed my suspicions that I could have been a model in another life. I have another three months left at Trustev and in that time I hope to develop more useful functions and features in Reliance. If I could add this and other goals to my previously completed tasks of developing a library in Java and C# to interact with the Trustev API (a lot of programming lingo there) and a sign up page on the website that sends out email confirmation, I will be more than happy with my time at Trustev helping people against online fraud!

David Devane is 3rd year Business Information Systems student from University College Cork. As part of his work placement, he's working as a developer at Trustev. He has yet to break anything.... or the more likely possibility is that we have yet to find it.