Intern Life at Trustev

Posted by Trustev editor on May 14, 2013

I’ll be very honest. Working in Trustev is awesome! As part of my B.I.S degree in Cork Institute of Technology, I must complete a six-month placement in a suitable professional workplace. Most of my peers are probably at this very moment in a shirt and tie, working as a number in a huge, already established organisation where unfortunately, it is very easy for their contribution to be overlooked. I on the other hand, count myself very lucky that I am sitting here writing this blog in jeans, runners and a very fashionable company hoodie. I am lucky enough to experience what it is like to work at Trustev, the tech start-up that makes combatting online fraud look sexy!

Life at Trustev couldn’t be further from what I was expecting before starting, but in a very good way. My first week was filled with a number of pleasant surprises. First came the shock of being told by our CMO Donal Cahalane (DC), that I was to update my LinkedIn profile to display my new position -not Intern at Trustev, but Project Manager at Trustev. Nice! The next day involved attending the Cork Pub Summit at the city’s hottest new nightclub, Voodoo Rooms. Hosted by Trustev, the Pub Summit featured some of the coolest new start-ups in the country and some fairly big personalities in the tech industry. As if that wasn’t enough my week was topped off with a trip up to Microsoft’s European Headquarters in Dublin and Trustev’s new Dublin Office, which had a certain element of “oooh shiny !” to it.

The work itself is very manageable. I have never been asked to do something that is impossible and I’m not under huge pressure. Obviously I am eager to impress and look to do as much as I possibly can. The office has currently got a Compton-like feel to it the way the room is split down the middle into 2 gangs: The Business People (Us) and the techies (Them). Except the only guns you’ll see in our office are Nerfs. As you can probably tell my loyalties lie with the Business side. My duties mainly involve supporting the efforts of our VP of Sales John Peavoy. I keep all records of Leads and Clients up to date and often have to follow up on communications with them. In the short month and a half that I’ve been here I have already gained good experience of the communication that takes place between businesses and exposure to some big players in the tech industry.

Also, to keep me busy on the days when I have all my work for John up to date, DC has come up with the added title of ‘Director of Competitions’ for me (Sadly though I don’t get a second wage). My job here is to take care of our applications for the many tech competitions that are held all over the world which we regularly put ourselves in the running for to help boost our recognition. This can often involve writing descriptions about our business and product and making a case for why Trustev deserves that particular award. It is a good way for me to improve my marketing skills by trying to promote Trustev as best I can.

The average day brings about many new developments and working with the lads at Trustev is great craic and brings with it the biggest Tech news stories as they happen. It is an exciting place to work and I look forward to the challenges I will encounter as we continue to grow and move away from start-up phase. Bring it on!


Michael Linehan is a 3rd year Business information Systems Student, carrying out his work placement at Trustev where he is handsomely rewarded for his efforts with piles of cash, free Nespresso, constant wisdom and is rarely beaten.