Newegg expands to sell in new countries (news flash!)

Posted by Pat Phelan on August 13, 2014


Newegg, the big electronics retailer (and very good company BTW), just announced it is expanding to sell in more countries. It put out a press release and got some nice press coverage. It will start by selling a limited range of products and in a limited range of countries, with substantial shipping fees. Here's the announcement:

"August 12, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Newegg today announced that its award-winning e-commerce website is now available to online shoppers in India, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, Poland and the Netherlands. Serving these new countries—first revealed at Computex in Taipei this year—is the latest step in Newegg’s ongoing global expansion efforts and extends Newegg’s availability beyond the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom."

But the bigger question is: why is this so rare? Why do most retailers in the US not ship to huge new markets like China and India? Why is it a newsworthy event, when billions of people have credit cards and internet access, so theoretically should be able to buy from any store, anywhere, so long as they pay shipping and any taxes?

The missing piece here is fraud: most antifraud measures are very broken, so shipping goods to many countries entails a high chance that retailers will lose the goods, and never see the money. This is a big part of what we do at Trustev: make fraud a thing of the past and let retailers sell anywhere on earth, reliably.

PS: if you're reading this at Newegg or another international retailer, here's an anti-fraud platform that might help you.

Topics: Technology, fraud, Identity