New offices, new chapter

Posted by Stephen Leddy on March 25, 2016

Last Thursday the 17th March, also St. Patrick’s Day, was quite fittingly the beginning of a new chapter for our Irish (and now American-Irish) company TransUnion Trustev. It marked the day that we move to our new offices on 254 West 31st Street New York. The day was filled with some sadness, reflection and anticipation for the future.

The 15 West 28th Street offices had been our American hub for the company’s operations over the past year and a half, since October 2014. It was our 28th Street office where our team grew from just three people to a team of ten strong as it stands now.

We closed some of our most important deals in the 28th St Offices and our company has changed greatly since the first day when Pat, Rurik and Mark arrived there to begin work in a tiny room, with barely space for three desks. It was in this office that we were acquired by TransUnion, which has already added significant value to our product offering and changed us from tiny startup to global corporation with over 4000 staff. So the 28th Street office has served us well.


Now to begin the next chapter in the TransUnion Trustev story. We're in the new space, and enjoying some nice new benefits -- a real conference room, private spaces for calls, and more than one elevator! We hope for as much growth, progress and success as during our 28th Street time, so we can continue to bring value to companies suffering from fraud and give back to those who trusted in us. Here’s to the future from our new home.

We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden. -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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