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Trustev wins SXSW for retail technology

We’re excited to announce that Trustev has won the Decoded Fashion SXSW competition of 2015 for most disruptive retail technology. The competition, part of SXStyle at SXSW, was held to find the retail technology with the biggest business impact, and sponsored by the ...
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ICYMI: January 15

Google Glass is dead -- The BBC reported that the Google Glass project has been moved to an independent division under Nest's (and ex-Apple) Tony Fadell. The eyeglass device will stop being sold later this month (though development will continue) and this spells a ...
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What is credit muling?

“Credit muling” is a relatively new form of fraud that’s been quietly affecting a growing number of retailers. Credit muling is when merchants offer products or accounts to customers use their own, real, identity -- since customers are using their own, authentic, ...
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What is Trustev

Our fraud “fingerprinting” technology can reduce fraud to near-zero levels and increase sales significantly, by not blocking genuine customers.

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