Smacking your customer in the face

Posted by Trustev editor on August 30, 2013

Why would you do it? Someone has come to your website to by your goods and hand over their hard earned money. They find the items they want, add them to their cart and click checkout.

And that's where the trouble starts.

From the merchant's side, some minor warning bells are set off, one or two small details don't match up, the customer's IP address seems to be going through a proxy which is hugely suspicious, but then again maybe their just doing that to access TV stations abroad, or some pretty understandable reason like that.

But as a merchant, can you really take the risk? Do you let the transaction happen and accept the consequences, or do you turn around and smack your customer in the face by denying the transaction?

Sadly the majority of fraud prevention solutions available are built for a different era where user experience was the last thing on anyone's mind. In most cases they're the online equivalent of a full body and cavity search, even if you have nothing to hide you come past the experience feeling dirty and definitely not with a positive brand experience. Most systems are black and white, they check a few points of data in a limited spectrum and then classify you as as decent human being or an arch criminal fraudster, with no degrees in between.

We can all understand the merchant's perspective - s/he's stuck in a very difficult place; all they want to do is do business but they have to protect themselves against fraud, an ever increasing problem. See if your credit card is stolen and used to commit fraud, you report it to the bank and despite it being an inconvenience and pain in the ass, you'll get your money back at some stage. Sadly for the poor merchant s/he'll face the full wrath of their bank/credit card processors who will not only take back the funds, but will also penalise the merchant heavily for 'letting' the fraud occur. It's not a fair system and the merchant always loses.

But beyond the immediate financial penalties, there's the almighty headache that occurs from frequently blocking the transactions of legitimate customers. It doesn't take a brand or marketing guru to guess the reaction of a customer who you've just accused of being a fraudster and how it affects their future decision to return to your site or recommend you to their friends.

Sounds like one giant headache that you could do without? Or one of those problems that while you recognise the damage its causing, you just can't afford to take action in these pretty tough economic times?

Well In the case of Trustev, if you're a merchant your first 1,000 transactions every month are completely free and after than you pay a few cent per transaction for full peace of mind. No hidden costs, no monthly minimums. If you're still growing and do less than 1,000 transactions per month then you basically get to use the same full service used by our largest customers, completely for free, so the real question basically becomes why wouldn't you?

We'll scan thousands of data points, analyse your customers behaviour and compare them against our existing network of millions of transactions and then compare the results of multiple, independent decision processes to deliver one simple score to you that will help you make a better, more informed decision.

Safer, more secure shopping in a customer friendly way that removes barriers and lets ecommerce flow more freely.

We call it The Trustev Way of doing business and we'd love to help.

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