Startup vs Large Company

Posted by Trustev editor on July 29, 2013

Many people still ask the question – “Startup or Corporation - which is better to work for?”

Since I am currently working in Trustev, I might be a bit biased towards the start-up side of things but I will do my best to weigh up both the advantages and disadvantages of working at a startup and a large corporation.

I can distinctly remember researching Google thoroughly before I started my work experience. I will be completely honest and say I didn’t quite know what to expect from working in a startup. All the articles I read on the internet said more or less the same thing – “long hours, little pay”. Well this is certainly not the case in Trustev and I am delighted to be working here.

Reasons to work at Startup

Make a difference

Startups only employ people if they are really needed. If your job wasn’t essential, the truth is it wouldn’t exist. The work you do in a start-up is actually appreciated and essential to the success of the company. Knowing that the company can succeed through your efforts is incredibly motivating and exciting. Whereas working in a major corporation, let’s face it you are just a number and it’s nearly impossible to get noticed for your contributions. Making changes in a large corporation is like swimming against the tide which makes employees feel undervalued.

Learn new Skills

With very few people on the team, everybody is needed to complete the vast number of tasks. There is no set responsibilities. You do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. It doesn’t matter what your skill set is or what you were hired for, you will have to do tasks that you have never any experience with before. This constant learning of new skills keeps the work interesting. I find my myself constantly on Google with the search terms “How to…..”. You may not realise it but working in a start-up adds so many invaluable skills to your CV. If flying into unchartered territory is something you enjoy then start-up life is for you. If it sounds scary then perhaps not and you would be better off sticking with a large company.

The Atmosphere

It is a lot more fun to work in a start-up. People get to know each other a lot better in a start-up than a large company. There is more open communication which creates a great atmosphere. Everybody’s opinion is valued. There is also never a dull moment in the office of a start-up. Whether it is a break- through in code or another investor after getting on board. Something is always happening. That’s the great thing about it, you are part of a team that’s building something new, something different, and something that may change the world. You can’t help be excited knowing that you are part of this amazing journey.

Reasons to work at a Large Company

One of the greatest benefits of working for a large company is that you have more job security than a startup. Working in a large company usually means a less volatile environment than a startup. For those who are risk adverse, a large corporation will allow you sleep better at night.

Future career prospects

Having a well-known company on your CV can open a lot of doors and will help you in the long run. Big company names on a CV always make your job sound far more complicated than it actually is. You will also have the opportunity to work up the corporate ladder at a large corporation. This can however turn out to be painfully slow, and isn’t guaranteed. Whereas an unknown startup company on a CV is of less significance to future employers and their first question when you mention the company name will probably be “Who are they?”.

More Resources Available

Working in a large corporation provides access to a host of resources. From specialist training courses to additional qualifications or social events all at the company’s expense. These are all at your disposal if you’re working at a large company. Whereas Startups may not have the finance to pay for extra resources and can probably only afford the bare minimum because cash-flow is extremely important to a new startup company.

David Devane is a Business Information Systems student whose currently working his 3rd year work placement as a developer at Trustev. He chose being a code monkey over a cubicle monkey.