Summing Up the Work Experience

Posted by Trustev editor on August 19, 2013

Michael is our project manager here at Trustev. While he is able to manage projects quite well we still worry about his favourite app choices.

It’s a sad time, my work placement at Trustev is nearing an end. With less than a month to go until the start of the coming college year and a hefty work placement report to write, I have been reflecting on my time so far at Trustev. If I had to sum up the feeling, I would describe it as emasculating as I recall all the good times I’ve had at Trustev with ‘Time of my life’ playing in my head, whilst trying to hold back the tears (Seriously, I will miss that Nespresso machine).

Looking back, it seems like the last 5 months have just come and gone in the blink of an eye, yet this small start-up has completely changed my perspective on many aspects of the career I envision for myself once I have graduated from college. The culture, people, structure and the way Trustev operates on a day to day basis is nothing short of the best I could have hoped for in an internship and in this blogpost I’ll try and describe why this is the case for me.

First I’ll get started with the culture at Trustev. If you’ve read DC’s recent blogpost ‘Working at a Start-up’, it is pretty apparent how different working at a Start-up is from working in a traditional organisation and exactly how much it rocks! As DC describes, working in a start-up gives you the freedom to design your own working day and week to suit how best you work. You pretty much have free reign, once you meet you complete your tasks and meet your goals on time. At the beginning of my work placement, I tried to get every task done in lightning speed and was putting myself under unnecessary pressure, with the outcome of many, many mistakes. I realise now that I work best when I start a task early, set aside time to carefully plan how I will complete each task and continuously work on a task at a slower pace. It may take me slightly longer to achieve, but I haven’t missed a deadline yet with a blogpost (This is Dylan. Michael is correct here. Although I have stood over him with a nerf gun once or twice) or competition entry, and the quality of my work has vastly improved. I’m not saying that I work best at a snail’s pace, but that I have learned not to stress out on the process of completing smaller tasks, but work continuously towards an end goal.

A key life lesson that I have learned in Trustev is that if you are to come to work happy every day, it is important to surround yourself with the right people. Firstly, by working so closely with successful entrepreneurs, I feel like I have been exposed to a very rare way of thinking. It feels as if some small creature has managed to crawl into my head and re-wire me to think outside the box, and explore ideas for new business ventures everywhere I look. Trustev has unlocked a new way of thinking for me, a kind of sky’s the limit feeling and I have no doubt in my mind that some day in the future I will too try my hand at setting up my own tech company

Secondly, working with the people at Trustev is as DC put it, working with your second family. I recently had a bit of a lengthy certified leave of absence from working at Trustev, but the support I received during this time was amazing and I was never more grateful that I managed to get my work placement at Trustev. Where other employers may have distanced themselves from me, the lads were constantly in contact and my first day back in the office felt as if I had only walked back in from a weekend off. Apart from this, the office is constantly a back and forth of slagging and light-hearted mockery. It’s kind of impossible to not be happy working here.

So as I look to my last three weeks of my work placement, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work at Trustev. I can honestly say that I’ve learned more here than in my 3 years so far at college (and most of that being on the bus journeys to Dublin with DC). I have gained a new vision of where I see my future heading, that vision being working in Start Ups and organisations with the same type of culture as is present here. Life is simply too short not to.