Spreadsheets, Spreadsheets Everywhere!

Posted by Trustev editor on July 19, 2013

Scott spends his day looking at spreadsheets and working on sales. While we can't make heads or tails of the spreadsheets, he tells us they make sense.

I’ve been working as an Intern at Trustev for almost four weeks now and only two things have been constant; sunshine and spreadsheets. Both of these have been the reason for me sweating more than usual during an Irish summer. As people have left the Trustev office for business trips, meetings and holidays, I have happily stayed here enjoying the rare Irish sunshine and working on customer spreadsheets.

Like the typical college student, I have spent these last few weeks updating statuses. But while most of the other students’ statuses have been on Facebook about the sunshine and trips to the beach, mine have been solely based on the status of our potential and existing customers. With all the incredible technology that has been developed at Trustev to combat online fraud, the now ancient (in technology terms) spreadsheet still plays a key role in the modern start-up. The spreadsheet keeps things organised and ensures that a staff member doesn’t have a breakdown from trying to remember all of these customers, their location and the relevant contact at each company.

Spreadsheets let everybody know the status of each customer and what still needs to be done. In a way, they are an indirect communication tool within the company. Every staff member has access to these spreadsheets and they can access the relevant information for each customer in seconds. This prevents confusion and ensures that the staff aren’t wasting time by working on a task that has already been completed.

Basically, I am a big fan of spreadsheets(or I’m forcing myself to be). They may not look like the coolest things in the world and they might seem like they are filled with pointless information to a lot of people but they are an essential part of the day-to-day running of a business, even in 2013.