The Intern Experience

Posted by Chris Kennedy on August 21, 2013

Over the past few months, there have been plenty of blog posts from our fantastic intern's Michael, David, Dylan and Scott about working with Trustev. These have all focused on an intern's experience of working in a start up, the experience gained and the opportunities that arose from this. However, there is a viewpoint very conspicuous by it's absence, that of the employer - what is it like for a startup to employ interns? With the internships coming to an end in a couple of weeks, I thought I would give you my view.

To be outright and frank about it, this can be summed up in just one word. Inspiring.

Michael, David, Dylan and Scott have shown over the last few weeks and months that, in Ireland, we continue to produce some of the best educated and motivated people in the world. Their enthusiasm for the job, to learn, to progress, is unparalleled. This embodies what a start up should be all about - the passion to learn about new technologies and emerging opportunities, questioning every commonly accepted method of doing business and pushing the boundaries to find that elusive win.

During their time here, each one of our interns has contributed massively to Trustev, in many different ways.

Michael, who has been supporting our sales team in their efforts, from generating new leads, maintaining existing relationships to planning out integration options with our technical team and handling the developing of the client relationship from hot lead to live customer, has helped us to put the required structure in place to ensure that our sales and integration process can grow seamlessly.

Scott, also supporting our sales and integration teams, communicating requirements and feature requests on a daily basis between the technical team and customer's, has helped to build out an open and collaborative environment where Trustev and our customers work together to build a better solution for all.

David, who was literally thrown right into the deep end during our most intense development periods and created new features for our management portal, our API's and helped us setup our internal bug reporting and customer integration processes, has helped us to create a world class solution for combating online fraud.

Dylan, who has worked closely with DC, our Chief Marketing Officer to create new content for our developer and partner portals, and has helped to shape and manage our communication strategy, has given us the tools and expertise to allow Trustev to promote itself and it's services across the breadth of social media.

Trustev could not have asked for better people to join us on this amazing journey. They have been part of the very fabric of this team, and they deserve all the praise and thanks they get. Recognition must also go to the respective colleges and courses they joined us from, both BIS in CIT and BIS in UCC, who are incredibly supportive of both their students and the companies that look to work with them to provide a memorable and valuable intern experience.

If there are any companies out there looking for new talent, either short term or long term, then they should look no further than home. We are already looking forward to working with both UCC and CIT when the intern programme begins again next year, and hopefully Michael, David, Dylan and Scott will be looking to come back to work with us once they are finished their respective courses.

Good luck with the next year in college guys! And thanks.