The Registration Challenge

Posted by Trustev editor on May 8, 2013

User management platform Janrain have launched a great microsite,, to illustrate a growing problem facing online merchants and sites – account fatigue.

First, the bad news, as much as you want their data, your users are just sick of creating new accounts. Nearly 86% of people will just go elsewhere when asked to create a new account. Account and password fatigue has become overwhelming with over 42% of people giving up based on the length of forms and their perception that companies are just asking for too much information on signup. Fortunately for the end user, it’s a legacy problem mainly for older sites. Whether for data protection concerns or just ease of sharing, best practice for modern sites is firmly squared in the social signup space with research company, Gartner, estimating that by the end of 2015 over 50% of all new eCommerce accounts created will be done using social signup.

When you look at the new rising stars in online eCommerce, people like Fab, who have wholeheartedly embraced social signups, its easy to see the tremendous benefits both for the site itself in terms of social sharing opportunities and for the user in terms of speedy signup.