Trustev for On-Demand: block fraud in real time

Posted by Ian Kar on December 17, 2014



On-demand apps are great, but they’re also a beacon for fraudsters. With delivery needed in minutes, there’s often even very little time to check whether a customer is genuine, or using a stolen credit card. Result: the apps either turn away real customers or worry about fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

We can fix it! We’re announcing Trustev for On-Demand -- our fraud identification software tailored to the needs of on-demand apps.

The payment process for on-demand apps is tricky and limited -- with such a short delivery time (as little as an hour) for services, the potential for fraud increases dramatically. Not only that, but accurately monitoring and identifying fraud on mobile devices is extremely difficult for many traditional fraud services.

What Trustev for On-Demand does it make accurate fraud decisions in real time. We’ll tell you within 0.5 seconds, automatically, whether an order is legit or fraudulent.

Using Trustev’s data fingerprinting technology, which combines our behavioral biometrics with thousands of data points to paint a complete picture of the transaction, we can offer on-demand services near-zero transaction fraud, and typically a 3% increase in sales. We’ll also free up the time costs from reviewing transactions manually, as they come in.

You can start using Trustev’s real-time fraud technology by simply adding a few lines of code and hooking into our API. It costs just a few cents per transaction. Contact us to get set up.


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