Trustev take the stage in Miami to announce new technology.

Posted by Trustev editor on April 1, 2014

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Miami, Florida - Trustev, recent winners of top prize at the world's largest technology festival, SXSW, have announced an exciting new partnership with Microsoft to launch a world first in technology for the XBOX platform. Trustev are Microsoft's Startup Partner of the Year and have worked closely with them on the development of the Trustev core platform.

Trustev’s real time, online identity verification technology uses digital data to verify online identities in order to protect online retailers against fraudulent users and behaviours. Microsoft’s KINECT technology in effect gives consoles and computers eyes, ears, and a brain. With KINECT, businesses and developers are creating applications that allow their customers to interact naturally with computers by simply gesturing and speaking.

The overwhelming popularity of KINECT dance games on the XBOX has led the Irish company to develop a unique way of verifying the identity of XBOX users with the creation of their new Trustev ID-Dance, that uses an individual's dance moves to create a verifiable signature that can be used to positively identify that individual and protect online retailer's against fraud.


Speaking at the launch of the new product in Miami, Pat Phelan, CEO, outlined their excitement about the product. “This was the next logical step for Trustev. With more and more people connecting to the internet through next generation consoles instead of desktops and mobile devices, retailers need a system that doesn’t rely heavily on manual input devices as part of the identity confirmation process. As the XBOX 360 becomes the centre of the home environment, we think more and more people will use it as past of their core home internet experience. We're certain its the next big step for online ecommerce and an area I've been very passionate about all my life, since my days in the Ballyphehane Street Boys dance crew”.

Chris Kennedy, Chief Technical Officer at Trustev spoke about the technology behind the companies new development - “In the same way that Trustev’s technology verifies a user’s identity using the digital data, we’ve been able to use the optical technology behind Microsoft KINECT to measure unique factors in the movement patterns of individuals signature moves. No two individuals move in the exact same way and we've been able to use the KINECT's advanced sensors to measure the unique factors about their moves that will be unique to that individual. We’re also currently working on two-factor authentication for the platform which will allow a pair of individuals to combine their moves to make it even more secure".


The product also comes with a suite of advanced, industry leading 'dancenalytics' built by Trustev's Fraud & Data team, who have consulted with a suite of industry experts such as John Travolta, PSY and the Pussycat Dolls in their development.

Access to the beta of Trustev for Microsoft KINECT is now live on most Microsoft devices. To access the platform simply stand in front of your KINECT and say "OK Kinect, Let's dance"

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